Club True Blue started in 2000, running house parties for Swingers in Melbourne catering to well presented couples and ladies in the 20-50s age bracket.

We have recently relocated to sunny Queensland, situated on the Northern side of Brisbane.

We now continue our parties which are run in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We cater to those who love to meet and play with likeminded, sexy, fun people.

Club True Blue operates from a private residence, located approximately 30 minutes drive North of Brisbane.


house ruless

  • No means No
  • No illegal Drugs
  • Always ask before touching
  • No Photography (no mobile phones in house)
  • No prostituting or soliciting
  • No offensive behavior
  • Have Fun and tell your friends

The house rules exist for the comfort and safety of you and others, anybody breaching these rules will be asked to leave immediately.

Frequently Asked  Questions


Frequently asked Questions

Neat casual, how you'd like to present yourselves to others initially then you can dress down to whatever you would like. Erotic, sexy dress or nothing at all, it’s up to you.
We cater to the 20 - 50s age bracket.
We cater specifically to couples and single ladies.  We do, from time to time, run bi nights, which do allow a strictly limited number of single men.  These are the only nights single men are welcome.
You just need to bring your own drinks (alcohol) and towel we provide everything else.
No means no.  Always ask before joining in and be respectful of other peoples boundaries. No illegal drugs allowed.  No abusive behaviour will be tolerated, you will be asked to leave immediately.
Yes, our parties are run in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.  There is no pressure to do anything you're not comfortable with.  You take the evening at your own pace.
We have 3 large bedrooms, a massage area and 2 comfortable lounge areas and large kitchen/dining area and solar heated pool.  We also have a comfortable, outdoor area for smokers.